Taking Courses at Booth

Taking Courses at Booth




All current University of Chicago students are eligible to enroll in Booth within the guidelines set forth by Booth and the student's department/division. Tuition charges are based on the tuition policy and rate for your department or division.

If you are not a current University of Chicago student, enrollment is possible through the Graham School of General Studies. Booth alumni can take up 300 units tuition-free at any time after graduation. Click on the Post-Grad (Alumni) menu link at left.

Courses are offered on a space-available basis after Booth students have had first priority for registration, so popular courses may be closed due to space limitations.

How to Request Enrollment

  1. Consult the online course search tool to narrow down your choices. Booth publishes the course schedule for the entire academic year each July.
  2. Use thePrerequisites and Seat Availability information to see if there are strict prerequisites, whether non-Booth students are allowed to enroll, and whether seats are still available.
  3. Use the menu tabs at left to fill out the online registration request form for your student type.
  4. Results will be emailed to you by the Booth Registrar's Office according to the schedule on the request form. If the first class meets before your results have been emailed, plan to attend in order to not miss any material.

Registration Notes

  • You may not request enrollment in a closed course. Seats cannot be added to a closed course, even with faculty permission. You can only be enrolled by the Booth Registrar, and only if a seat is available at the time your registration is processed.
  • Although faculty sometimes give students access to their Canvas site before enrollment is confirmed, access to course materials does not mean you are enrolled in the course.
  • You should plan to attend week 1 of the class in which you are attempting to enroll.
  • If the course in which you are attempting to enroll is case-based and/or requires group assignments, communicate to the instructor during week 1 that you are attempting to enroll during the registration period for non-Booth students.
  • Use the FAQ to find detailed answers to many common questions. After reading, if you still have questions, email the Booth Registrar's Office.


Students who have or expect to obtain a letter of accommodation from the University's Office of Student Disability Services may indicate this in their registration request poll, or email the Booth Registrar's Office.

Policies and Honor Code

In registering for a Chicago Booth course, you are subject to Booth academic policies, including the Standards of Scholarship and Professionalism and the Student Honor Code. You are also subject to the regulations, policies, and procedures for Booth students, including but not limited to academic integrity and registration policies.